Ms. Ruby Yip (Founder of Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited)

Ruby is a graduate from CUHK, her major was in Sociology and minor in Management. She likes challenges and innovation, so she is enthusiastic in improving social condition and problems. Influenced by her father (working in catering industry) and her mother (a housewife who likes to make nutritious and healthy food), Ruby also likes cooking. She believes that food is the first step to make people happy and healthy, and she thinks the ideal eating is to understand the food attributes, to use fresh food in cooking in order to present the original taste of the ingredients and make use of the homemade dishes to connect the family members.

Her team was set up in 2015, and later established “Festyle” to promote the empowerment and employment of women and to help people to make homemade dishes in an easier and convenience way.


“Festyle ” Profile

Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited is a social enterprise who aims to promote the empowerment and employment of women. It employs the housewives to design and produce prepared and packed ingredients of healthy homemade dishes. This enables people to cook and enjoy homemade dishes in an easier and convenience way and also helps to promote the culture of healthy eating. Festyle allows the housewives to develop their capability and work with flexible hours. This helps them to have a better management of their work and family. The company would like to not only deliver the healthy homemade dishes, but also try to give some family warmth and care to people.



2015 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge
2015-16 CUSE Fund
Good Seed 2016 Granted Projects.

Website:  http://www.festyle.hk/