iSEE Mobile Apps

iSEE is a team of social worker, programmer, teacher, university student and people with disabilities, aiming to break through social barriers, provide services and opportunities through mobile technology to facilitate equal social participation of the people with disabilities. Through mobile technology, the people with disabilities can overcome the physical barrier to connect with society, and to live as if they are normal people.

iSEE has developed a mobile app for the visually impaired. The app has simple layout design and compatible to screen reader function in smartphone, which supports coloring recognition, Chinese and English text recognition and common objects recognition.

In addition, iSEE also provide one-stop web accessibility consultant services, including testing & solution, development, promotion and training services. Currently, iSEE is providing web accessibility services to the Hong Kong Government, NGOs and elderly centers. In the future, iSEE will extend the web accessibility services to corporate sectors.



Michael, FUNG Kwong Chiu: Liaising and promotion
LUI Kin Ching: Programme design

Other members
John, PUN Chin Wang: Business development
Derek, TAM Ho Yuen: Customer service
Katy, YEUNG Ching Ping



2016年香港社會企業挑戰賽 — 冠軍
2016年創行世界杯中國站 香港賽 — 亞軍