Impact X

ImpactX was established by the end of 2016, with team members from different sectors, including social welfare, finance, philosophy and psychology. The core team is concerned with social problems in Hong Kong. They notice that the public usually understand social problems from media, often noticing only a tip of an iceberg. At the same time, Hong Kong is actually a vibrant and multicultural city. In view of these, the team wishes to organize different Impact Experience in Hong Kong local communities to understand the neighborhood and to bring people together. ImpactX collaborates with professionals from different social sectors to guide participants to have deep understandings of different issues and thereby think about possible ways for social changes.

ImpactX has organized different Impact Experiences, including “Cultural Tour: Ethnic Minorities’ Day & Night” to understand the lifestyles and difficulties faced by ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. “Bollywood Dance Cultural Experience” to learn Indian dancing and “Henna Workshop”. There are also many “Action” organized, including “Spark4Impact”, which allows participants to plan for new ideas and products in 4 hours, “Design Thinking Workshop” which lets participants to learn problem solving by empathy, and also collaboration with AirBnB to design activities for NGOs.


Cyron CHAN



Dorothy LING