ICARE 1001: Vote for Your Most Interested Topic

ICARE 1001 An Introduction to a Social Issue You Care —— Event postponed

Under the threat of novel coronavirus, crowd gatherings are advised to be minimised so as to keep out infection. The events under An Introduction to a Social Issue You Care scheduled for the second term are therefore postponed. Details of the activities will be announced later. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

What is ICARE 1001? Being non-credit-bearing, this new initiative has been named An Introduction to a Social Issue YOU Care by our Centre and aims to get students familiar with the social issue of their utmost interest, its related discussion and latest development. Students will be able to learn from experienced community partners and exchange their thoughts with like-minded schoolmates in order to prepare for future civic engagement in the society.

The first stage of ICARE 1001 lies on a poll by all students to determine the social issue that they care the most. The choice received the highest number of ballots will become the topic of An Introduction to a Social Issue YOU Care to be rolled out in January 2022. A series of experiential activities, talks, sharing or exhibition on this topic will then be arranged for your understanding and reflection. The topics for voting are as follows:

  • Aging

  • Animal Rights

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Ethnic Minorities

  • Homeless People

  • Migrant Domestic Workers

  • People with Disabilities

  • Refugee & Asylum Seekers

  • Sexual Minorities (LGBTQ+)

  • Urban Development

  • Others (details required)

Your vote can be cast here, and each student is allowed to vote for a maximum of three social issues. The deadline of this poll is 1 November 2021 (Monday). Voting result will be announced in mid-November via the Facebook page of this Centre.



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