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V'air 於 2015 年由兩位香港中文大學地理及資源管理學系的學生成立。V’air 的名字來自法文 Vert 一詞,意指綠色,也有自然的意思。名字中的 air 回應了機構希望解決由港人外遊帶來的環境問題。香港日常生活壓力大,旅遊成為一種心靈慰藉的工具,市民鍾情在假期時坐飛機短線遊,但同時產生大量碳排放,影響環境。除此以外,他們發現很多市民缺乏對本地生態與社區的認識,香港珍貴的自然、人文和歷史資源乏人問津,備受因城市發展而被蠶食的壓力。 有見及此,V’air 推動「低碳本地遊」,讓市民更深入認識香港,提升市民休閒活動的品質,同時緩和全球氣候變化帶來的惡性影響,保護本港和全球環境。

V’ air 的核心理念包括「本地遊歷」、「公眾教育」、「青年充權」與「政策倡議」四項元素。 他們深信要解決迫在眉睫的環境問題,每人踏出一小步,比少數專業人士踏出一大步的成效大得多。





網站: https://www.vairhk.com/

V’air was established in 2015 by two CUHK students majoring in Geography and Resource Management. The name V’air comes from a French word “Vert”, which has a meaning of green and nature, and echoes with the objective of the organization, which is trying to solve problems by air travel in a green way. The team realized that Hong Kong people tend to go for short trips for relaxation, however, those short flights generate a lot of carbon emission that is harmful to the environment. At the same time, they discovered that many Hong Kong people lack knowledge in local ecosystems and communities, leaving the precious natural, humanistic and historical resources untouched and susceptible to rapid urban development. Hence, the organization promotes local eco-friendly tourism so as to enhance public understanding on the value of Hong Kong tourism and on the quality of recreational activities, and also to alleviate the carbon emission to protect our world.

V’air has four guiding principles, including local tourism, public education, teenager empowerment and initiating public policies. They believe in the value and the effectiveness of public participation in reducing carbon emission, protecting natural resources in Hong Kong and promoting sustainable development, instead of relying on a few elites to solve the environmental problems.



Arthur Yeung

Natalie Chung Sum Yu

Website: https://www.vairhk.com/