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I‧CARE U Serve

This webpage “I·CARE U Serve” serves as an online platform to provide CUHK students with information of services and activities which will expand their experiential learning experience and enhance their whole-person development.


We welcome non-profit organisations, charitable bodies or social enterprises to contact us via email at for posting information about community services, volunteer recruitment and activities on social innovation and social entrepreneurship.



This webpage may contain links to the website of third parties. In any cases, the provider of information of the websites concerned shall be liable for the accuracy of the information therein. The I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development accepts no liability for any information provided by third parties.

Date of Publication: 28 Sep 2023

Organisation/ Unit: Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office, CUHK

Name of Activity: Enlightened Play: Bridging the Senses in Smart Inclusive Sports Series


Date of Publication: 22 Sep 2023

Organisation/ Unit: Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

Name of Activity: ECF – Safeguarding Native Freshwater Turtles and its Habitats Biodiversity 2023-2024 – Recruitment of Student Conservation Educator

Details (Chinese only): 

Date of Publication: 21 Dec 2022


Organisation/ Unit: Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Name of Activity (Chinese only): 關懷熱線、結義同行師友計劃及精神及理財健康推廣計劃義工招募

Details: (關懷熱線、結義同行師友計劃)

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