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2019-20 博群影院 ──《竊聽者》 I·CARE Theatre 2019-20 - The Lives of Others

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本中心舉辦之「博群影院」獲藝術行政主任辦公室支持,由 2019 年九月起放映三齣精選電影,包括《比海還深》、《竊聽者》及《雲圖》,每場均設映後座談。

以上故事的主角都面對各種切身問題 ── 親情、愛情、誠信、公義;個人抉擇往往影響他人,甚或社會的未來。究竟如何取捨?這幾齣電影或可帶來一些啟發。

2019-20 博群影院之放映詳情如下:



2 月 6 日|晚上 7 時|邵逸夫堂| 137 分鐘|級別 IIB|德語|中文字幕| 導演:弗洛里安 ∙ 亨克爾 ∙ 馮 ∙ 杜能斯馬克

映後座談 2 月 6 日|晚上 9 時 25 分|邵逸夫堂| 主持:周保松教授(政治與行政學系)  語言:粵語






- 所有放映為中大專場,只限香港中文大學學生、教職員及校友登記參與。

- 《雲圖》只准 18 歲或以上人士觀看,敬請帶備身分證作核對。

- 所有電影場次費用全免。

- 放映前 20 分鐘開始入場。座位先到先得、不設劃位。

- 即場登記人士(如有)會於放映前5分鐘開始入場。

- 場內不得進行任何形式的拍攝或錄影。



1984 年,東德秘密警察韋斯勒奉命監聽劇作家戴文及其女友斯蘭。在日以繼夜的監聽下,韋斯勒漸漸被這對藝術家情侶的生活與思維所感動,內心已和他們成為朋友,且已忘卻監聽的初衷。


本片榮獲第 79 屆奧斯卡金像獎最佳外語片。




電話:3943 8621



Organised by this Centre and with the support of The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre is presenting to you a fine selection of films starting from September 2019. These films include After the Storm ; The Lives of Others; and Cloud Atlas. Each of the screenings will be followed by post-screening discussion.

The films feature different problems faced by the protagonists - family, love, integrity, justice. The decision of an individual may always affect others, or the society at large. How to make the right choice? These films may bring about some inspiration.

Details of the I·CARE Theatre 2019-20 are set out below:

The Lives of Others

[Event will be postponed. Announcement will be made in due course.]

6 February 2020|7:00 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall| 137 min|Category IIB|In German with Chinese subtitles| Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Post-screening Discussion 6 February 2020|9:25 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall| Host: Prof. Chow Po-chung (Department of Government and Public

Administration) Language: Cantonese



CUHK Students and Staff:

CUHK Alumni:


- Registration will be opened to CUHK members (students, staff and alumni) only.

- Cloud Atlas is only suitable for persons aged 18 or above, please bring along your HKID card for verification.

- All screenings are free-of-charge.

- Admission for registered participants will start 20 minutes before the screening time, free seating is made on a first-come-first-served basis.

- Walk-in participants (if any) will be admitted 5 minutes before the screening time.

- Photo taking and video recording are prohibited.


The Lives of Others

In 1984, East Germany’s secret police agent Wiesler was ordered to spy on the playwright Dreyman and his girlfriend Sieland. Under all-round surveillance of Dreyman, Wiesler found himself gradually absorbed by the lives of the couple and even had forgotten about his motive in the first place.

Until one day, Dreyman published an anonymous article in a prominent West German newsweekly to reveal the long-concealed truth to the world, which infuriated the East German authorities. Sieland was therefore arrested and interrogated about the identity of the anonymous author. The author was not identified because of insufficient information. Years later, Dreyman was shocked to learn that he had been under full surveillance. He then realised that it was Wiesler who had concealed his illegal activities……

This film was awarded the Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards.



I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development

Tel: 3943 8621



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