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2019-20 社會企業起動計劃:接受報名 Social Enterprise Startup Scheme 2019-20: Open for Enrolment

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本中心自 2015-16 推出「社會企業起動計劃」以來,一直支持中大學生及年輕校友善用一己專長,開辦全新或拓展正在營運的社會企業。此計劃注重導師帶領,由具豐富經驗的校友及畢業於其他院校的商界翹楚指導參加者擬定營運計劃書及分享操作技巧,並助他們建立人脈、擴闊眼界。參加者更有機會獲得「中大社企基金」以成立社會企業,幫助解決社會問題。



  1. 每隊的人數規定爲 2 至 10,隊伍中最少一半人為中大學生或畢業三年內的校友

  2. 參加者只可擔任一隊的隊長,而隊長必須為中大學生或校友,並為該隊核心成員

  3. 項目從未獲取本中心轄下香港中文大學尤努斯社會事業中心的「社創領袖獎

  4. 項目不能同時申請「中大社企基金」及「社創領袖獎


2020 年 1 月 21 日 :面試

2020 年 1 月 31 日 :結果公佈

2020 年 2 至 5 月 :培訓活動(II)、導師計劃

2020 年 6 月 7 日 :遞交營運計劃書競逐 「中大社企基金」

2020 年 6 月下旬 :發表計劃簡介(實際日期將連同面試結果一併公佈)


  1. 創新性

  2. 可持續發展性

  3. 執行能力

  4. 社會效益

  5. 持份者參與

  6. 創業能力


獲選隊伍最高可獲 HK$100,000「中大社企基金」作種子資金




按此 填寫及遞交網上報名表


2020 年 1 月 12 日晚上 11 時 59 分



電話:3943 9249

Launched by this Centre in 2015-16, the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme has been encouraging CUHK students and recent graduates to make good use of their expertise to establish or expand their social enterprises.  Participants will enrol in a mentorship programme through which valuable advice on formulating business plan and sharing of operating skills will be offered by experienced alumni as well as the industry elite from other institutions.  The horizon and business network of participants are also expected to be widened.  Above all, they may receive CUSE Fund to start up an enterprise with social mission.

The Social Enterprise Startup Scheme 2019-20 is now open for enrolment.  Details are as follows:


  1. Each team must consist of 2 to 10 participants, at least half of which are CUHK students or alumni who graduated within the last three years.

  2. Participants may serve as the Project Leader (PL) for one team only, and the PL should be either a CUHK student or an alumnus taking up a core role in the team.

  3. The project has never received S.I. Leadership Award organised by the Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK, which is an affliate of this Centre.

  4. The project is not allowed to apply for CUSE Fund and S.I. Leadership Award simultaneously.


21 January 2020: Interview

31 January 2020: Announcement of result

February – May 2020: Workshops and mentorship under the scheme

7 June 2020: Submission of business plan to compete for CUSE Fund

Late June 2020: Presentation (Exact date to be announced together with the interview result)

Judging criteria

  1. Innovation

  2. Sustainability

  3. Execution/ implementation

  4. Social impact

  5. Stakeholders’ engagement

  6. Entrepreneurship


Each selected team will receive a maximum of HK$100,000 from CUSE Fund as seed money




Please click here to register online


11:59 pm of 12 January 2020


Mr. Ng of I­·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development

Tel: 3943 9249

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