University Lecture on Civility

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The University Lecture on Civility consists of seminars and forums that explore the relationship between men and society/ nature.  Scholars, artists and luminaries from around the world share their unique humanistic points of view with CUHK members and catalyse them to reflect on the meaning of life.  The University Lecture on Civility has also set up the I·CARE Theatre, and runs Book Festival, Floral Festival and Film Festival from time to time to inspire CUHK members to lead a fruitful and meaningful life.



University Lecture on Civility

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It has been a decade since the I·CARE Programme was launched in 2011. At the same time, the programme’s founder Professor Joseph Sung is departing from CUHK. Prior to his leaving, Professor Sung will reminisce his passion about I·CARE and recount his insights on tertiary education, on pandemic, and on how to embrace changes in our life. As the saying goes, every ending is a new beginning. Until we meet again.

Mobile I·CARE

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Amidst the pandemic, the practice of social distancing is supposed not to hinder our caring of each other.


In a world filled with uncertainty, we should be versatile to adapt to the constant changes around us. Mobile I·CARE is launched to connect one another’s soul to break the physical isolation. Let’s overcome challenges and changes, and give yourself a moment to imagine the future and experience the life.