I·CARE Blood Donation Day

This Centre is going to stage the I·CARE Blood Donation Day on 3 November from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm at Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building. Members of CUHK are encouraged to join this event, themed “Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay”, for giving blood to save others’ lives. Participants will not only help people who require blood transfusion, but also be given chances to win a book donated by the author or by this Centre. They include:

《我們的夢想 ── 毋忘初心的科學家》 written by Edwin Chan Ho-yin 1 nos. (autographed)

《跑出一片天》written by Walter SW Cheung 5 nos. (autographed)

《十緣 · 六份 》complied by People Service Centre 38 nos.

《客家人 客家事》compiled by Fanny MC Cheung 2 nos.

《注意!這是我的個人資料私隱》written by Mr. Stephen KY Wong 2 nos.

View from the Summit by Sir Edmund Hillary 1 nos.

1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance by Gavin Menzies 1 nos.

To win a book, all you need to do is to upload to the social media a photo taken during your donation of blood in our Centre and invite (tag) one CUHK friend of you (i.e. the nominee) to act likewise. Once the nominee gives blood at our Centre, he/ she can pick one gratis book. If he/ she issues the same challenge to another CUHK friend, this nominee will obtain one more book (i.e. two books in total).

To avoid crowd gathering amid the pandemic, please make online reservation via here in advance. Participation of people invited (tagged) by previous donors and the walk-ins are also welcomed, but priority will be given to those with prior registration.



Miss Fung of I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development

Tel: 3943 9860 Email: mayfung@cuhk.edu.hk