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Sharing Sessions of Social Service Projects Scheme 2022-23

“Starting from Board Game” - Sharing Session on Understanding Service for SEN Children

What are the difficulties faced by children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)? How can board games support the learning of SEN children? The I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme of this Centre is pleased to have invited Mr. James Wong, Co-founder of SENMILY HK* and speech therapist to share with participants his experience in serving SEN children with self-designed board games. Participants will have chance to play the board games to gain an understanding of SEN services. Details are as follows:

Date : 13 March 2023 (Monday)

Time : 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Venue : Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building

Speaker : Mr. James Wong (Co-founder of SENMILY HK*, Speech Therapist)

Content : (1) To learn more about SEN through board game experience

(2) To understand the situation of SEN children and relevant services

(3) To explore the design rationale of inclusive board games

(4) To learn the salient points in devising SEN children service

Language : Cantonese

Registration : Please click here

Quota : 30 (Priority will be given to applicants of the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme)

* SENMILY HK is dedicated to serving children with special educational needs and their parents in Hong Kong. It aims to establish a mutual-help community by providing diversified educational and networking programmes to the under-resourced families to strengthen their family bonds.


Sharing Session on “Open Your Heart - Understanding Mental Health”

Mental wellness is nothing to sneeze at. While taking good care of our own condition, what else can we do to pay heed to others? When university students attempt to promote mental health, which type of services will be optimal? Two speakers, who are expert at promoting mental health and rendering related services, were invited by the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme of this Centre to shed light on the aforesaid concerns and share their experience.

Date: 20 October 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Format: Zoom Meeting (the link will be sent to successful registrants via email)

Speaker: Ms Ella Tsang (Member of StoryTaler / Clinical Psychologist)

Ms Chloe Chan (Mental Health Education Officer, New LifePsychiatric Rehabilitation Association)


  1. To understand the needs of people with mental illness

  2. To unravel “Stigmatisation”

  3. To explore ways to promote mental wellness

  4. To note the salient points when devising mental health programmes

Language: Cantonese

Registration: Please click here



Miss Chan of I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development Tel: 3943 9860 Email:


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