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Research Output of Interim Housing Research Team

(Some content are available in Chinese only)

The I·CARE Community Research Schemeof this Centre coordinates CUHK students from different disciplines to work together on rigorous studies of various public issues under the guidance of professional tutors. Participants are required to collect and analyse data, carry out research and present findings that become blueprints for the community and social reforms. This month, the scheme’s project teams of 2020-21 released their research results.

The team of 2020-21, they focused their research on “The Relocation Policy of Shek Lei Interim Housing and the Long-term Development of Interim Housing” in view that the redevelopment of Hong Kong’s last urban interim housing has been scheduled for end-2022. Through literature review, site inspection, focus group and interviews, the team has studied since January of this year (1) how a reasonable plan of relocation would look like for residents of the Shek Lei Interim Housing, and (2) how Interim Housing should develop in the long run. After a ten-month research, the team completed a written report (vide here - Chinese version only), and released the research findings and policy suggestions in a press conference on the 10th of this month. To revisit those media reports, please click here.


Team members:

Chan Wai Ching (English/ UG)

Cheung Sum Yuet (Data Science and Policy Studies/ UG)

Fung Wing Tung (Anthropology/ UG)

Hong Po Man (Sociology/ UG)

Kong Tin Long (Urban Studies/ UG)

Kung Hiu Lam (Cultural Studies/ UG)

Li Xinting (Sociology/ UG)

Wong Hoi Ching (Anthropology/ UG)

Yau Ming Suet (Social Work/ UG)

Cheung Lai Yuen (Chemistry/ UG)

Nie Shaochong (Gender Studies/ PG)


Prof. Wong Hung

Department of Social Work, CUHK and I·CARE Community Research Scheme, CUHK





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