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“Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme associates “Exercising” with “Volunteering”

Contributor: Cathy Wong

The “Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme associates “exercising” with “volunteering” to foster a serving heart of students and strengthen their understanding of the community. Participants of the scheme will be trained with basic skills of a designated sports item and given chances to partner various members of the community in pursuing sports. This will allow students to develop regular exercise habit and build up healthy lifestyle. Above all, mutual understanding between students and the circle of their counterparts will be facilitated.

In the first term of this academic year, the “Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme rolled out four sports items cum services, namely “Floor Curling & Kin-Ball x Secondary school students”, “Mölkky (throwing sport) x Elderly”, “Indoor Lawn Bowls x People with intellectual / physical disabilities” and “Floor Curling x People with hearing impairment”. All the three sports items cum services launched in the second term, namely “Bowling & Pickleball x Secondary school students”, “Bowling x People with intellectual disabilities” and “Floor Curling x Elderly”, have also been completed at recent.

Around 50 participating students and their partners received training with basic techniques and rules before starting off the team matches. Apart from acquiring sports skills, students also prepared and led different games and team activities aiming to let all participants know more about each other. During the sharing session, students obtained a deeper understanding of various circumstances that their partners encountered in daily life.

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