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Please follow our Instagram accounts

The Student Experience and Development Section is committed to offering a diversified learning experience for students to enrich their university life, enhance learning experience, foster personal growth, and achieve whole-person development.

In order to facilitate students to receive the latest news of our student development programmes, we have launched the following Instagram accounts:

@cuhk_osa_seds | Student Experience and Development Section, Office of Student Affairs (SEDS, OSA)

It includes all important information of SEDS activities and other learning opportunities.

@cuhk_love | Leaders of Voluntary Engagement (LoVE)

The account for Leaders of Voluntary Engagement (LoVE).

@cuhk_sehub | Social Engagement Hub

This account covers activity news relevant to community engagement, social service, experiential learning and leadership upskilling.

@cuhk_ulc | University Lecture on Civility

The account for University Lecture on Civility, which also covers news of cultural exploration activities.

@uniy.cuhk | Uni-Y(CUHK)

The account for Uni-Y(CUHK).

Please follow us for the latest updates on our various activities!

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