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"A Walk in Community with I·CARE" facilitates students’ understanding of various social issues

Contributor: Rachel Chan

Four sessions of A Walk in Community with I·CARE in this academic year were successfully completed. Participants visited various communities in Lok Fu, Tin Shui Wai, Sheung Shui, etc. to gain a better understanding on various social issues.

The first session was conducted in October 2022. Participants visited the Fullness Auto Service Centre under the Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre in Kwun Tong to learn about the garage’s operation. Mr. Simon Ngai, Chairman of the Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre, was invited to introduce to the participants the Centre’s mission on assisting the inmates and marginal youth to begin a new life; he also shared with participants his fruitful life experience to inspire them to grasp every opportunities and to embrace any challenges ahead.

In the second session which was conducted in November 2022, participants visited Lok Fu Market arranged by Oxfam Hong Kong and its partner organisation, namely People Service Centre. They collected leftover fresh vegetables in the market and received many donated by the vegetable stalls. Participants then distributed the collected vegetables and other food items to the grassroots in person and learnt from them their daily life and needs. During the activity, participants exchanged ideas on how they may apply their subject knowledge to help the grassroots improve their living standard. As inspired by the activity, some of the participants indicated their wish to initiate relevant social services in future.

The third and fourth sessions were conducted in February and March 2023 respectively. In the third session, participants were guided by Concern for Grassroots' Livelihood Alliance to learn about Tin Shui Wai’s development over the years and explore how the community economy programme may help build a sustainable community; they also visited the organic community farm to experience various agricultural activities. In the fourth session, ex-drug abusers from Cheer Lutheran Centre served as docents and led a cycling tour around Sheung Shui (guided tour spots included Bok Man School at Tsung Pak Long Village, Kwu Tong Village, etc.); the ex-drug abusers also recounted their anti-drug experience throughout the rehabilitation journey, which impressed the participants a lot.

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