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ICAC Ambassador Programme 2022/23

Contributor: Sharon Cheung

To encourage students to engage in the promotion of integrity, the Office of Student Affairs has, in collaboration with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), launched the “ICAC Ambassador Programme” to mobilise students to organise on-campus integrity activities.

The first on-campus activity “ICAC Carnival”, which consisted of a photo booth, an exhibition and interactive games, was held on 8 February 2023. Stationed at the photo booth, the ICAC mascot named “Walala” had successfully drawn students’ attention which attracted lots of photo-taking. Another highlight of the Carnival was the interactive games with the ICAC Ambassadors, through which students were able to understand more about ICAC. Last but not least, students learned from the ICAC Ambassadors about the guide to reporting corruption and information on career opportunities offered by ICAC at the exhibition. The event was held successfully and engaged over 100 students.

Students’ Sharing – Carlo (Professional Accountancy/Year 1)

“The ‘ICAC Carnival’ is the first on-campus activities organised by 'ICAC Ambassador Programme' this year. I am delighted that I can be part of it. I dressed up as an ICAC mascot 'Walala' and students enjoyed taking photo with me. The most unforgettable thing for me is that the mascot attracted even non-local students to visit our booth to learn more about ICAC. The 'ICAC Ambassador Programme' has deepened students’ understanding of ICAC. As an ICAC Ambassador, I feel a sense of success.”

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