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Students joined "Mother Nature Rocks" to explore the nature and approach nocturnal animals

Contributor: Rachel Chan

The Mother Nature Rocks aims to encourage students to explore the city’s countryside and to experience the ecosphere afresh. The first and second tours of Mother Nature Rocks in this academic year were completed smoothly on 28 February and 22 March 2023 respectively.

In the first tour, participants went to the Hong Kong Island for a night walk at Lung Fu Shan to search and observe the nocturnal animals, such as Lesser Spiny Frog. They gained an understanding of the way those animals live and their habits. A number of participants revealed that this was a rare opportunity which broadened their horizons.

In the second tour, participants went hiking at Tai Tong of Yuen Long and its neighbourhood. They walked through Wong Nai Tun Irrigation Reservoir, Shui Po Po Shan and Reservoir Islands Viewpoint, etc. Not only did they enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, but they also learnt about the hiking essentials, such as maps and first aid kits. Although it was a cloudy day, participants had fun with the tour. They spent time chatting and took a lot of nice photos together.

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