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“NGO Internship Programme” actualises students’ experiential learning

Contributor: Cathy Wong

The NGO Internship Programme offers placements to CUHK students to gain workplace experience, thereby identifying the direction for career development. More importantly, the programme facilitates the students’ understanding of the values and practices of the attached NGOs and enables their interaction with different local communities so as to stimulate ideas in positive social changes.

The term-time section of this academic year’s programme was completed in March 2023 where three students took part in the internship offered by TWGHs iBakery and Gaia Education Limited to assume the positions of Marketing Assistant, Assistant Social Media Creative Editor and Assistant Activity Facilitator, respectively. The students learnt about the values and service nature of their attached NGOs from their supervisors before taking up various work tasks. Regular supervision and performance review were given to the students to enhance their learning by experience and to inspire their future development.

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